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When choosing your wedding photographer you must first look at the style you’re looking for. In Miami, you can see that

Has really provided a great service to their couples. With creating a grand reputations as Florida’s elite Miami Wedding Photographer. You can see that it can’t go wrong by having a company like them. If your looking to have your wedding in Miami they are it. They have a great selections of wedding packages. From wedding videos and wedding photos. It’s sometimes difficult choosing the right vendors but they have been in the wedding industry for such a long time they know the process. If your looking for a Miami Wedding photographer with beautiful style and creativity then stop looking you’ve found them.


Offers a great wedding service in Miami, Florida. You can find there offices here and what they stand for below.


KRAFTED MEMORIES Love Weddings & Events

We’ve come a long way, to become an award winning video and photography company. We started as a group of friends with cameras in their hands and a desire to tell stories. As we grew up, our passion for storytelling remained with us and we went on to work in global advertising agencies.

But we always found ourselves coming back to weddings and events, because one way or another, the story of people enjoying themselves is the story we love telling most.

We love the atmosphere on the day of events. We love being a small part of your happiest moment, and it shows in love, care and effort with which we kraft them.

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